3D Murals

Art For Their Sake create special mural scenarios, featuring 3 dimensional elements to enhance and texture certain themes.  AFTS artists produce tactile areas, including rocks, trees, foliage etc to add greater realism and interest to Jungle / Woodland themes.  Multi layers of wooden boards can offer a depth and effect, not too dissimilar from a pop-up book, creating an interesting format to the mural artwork.  Realistic glass eyes add a realism to many depictions of animals, marine mammals and other aspects of the murals.  

3D Cutout Dolphin Mural on MDF Board – featuring glass bubbles and fibre optic illuminated stars



Seahorse with 3D Glass Eye


Tropical Fish with 3D Glass Bubbles


Horse with 3D Glass Eye – Humpty Dumpty with 3D painted MDF Hat, Gloves, Bow tie and Shoes


Horses with Wooden Slat Fence


Real Aeroplane Fuselage and Salvaged Plants / Logs / Twigs